MOR “Lesomorie – Touch of Death”

DATE: 27.02.07.
DIGIPAK: 100 copies
JEWEL: 233 copies
DIGIBOOK: 88 copies

LENGTH: 59:43


001bvllet – MOR “Lesomorie – Touch of Death” DIGI/CD
Contains all records of the band to 2006. Cult demo-tape “Lesomorie” recorded in 1996, a few individual tracks from different years and two ambient/folk versions by Sever from LIHOLESIE. Beginning of band’s path, where (spontaneously) formed musical and ideological principles which band follow now. It is strange to see and hear some feedbacks and reviews. For example, metal-archives still argue that band performed Pagan Metal or Progressive Black Metal. Maybe this situation born from the fact that band doesn’t copy anybody and doesn’t support any trends, band mixing together a lot of styles from Black and Death Metal to Doom Metal and Ambient sounds, thus creating a musical basis for their own ideological formation. Even the band’s members find it difficult to determine their own style all these years, calling it “not Death Metal, but Metal of Death”. MOR is a musical reflection of the band’s members and their ideas. MOR ist MOR. MOR ist TOD.


1. LESOMORIE /1996/
01. prologue
02. crimson lines (about the universal world)
03. where mighty winds sing their songs
04. epilogue
05. crimson lines (about the universal world)
06. spheres
Music and text by MOR. Engeenired by Alex Galanov and Studeny. Recorded> March 1996 at DP Rehearsal Studio.
Prosinetz – bass/keys/voice
Studeny – voice/propaganda
Anna – keys/voice
Levshun Max – guitars
Levshun Anton – drums/guitars

2. JANUARY /2004/
07. january (instrumental)
Music by MOR. Recorded> July 2004. Engeenired by Muzichenko Dmitry.
Muzichenko Dmitry – guitars
Bukreev Evgeny – programming

3. LIHOLESIE /2004/
08. prologue
09. crimson lines (about the universal world)
Recorded> May-June 2004. Programming, sampling, arrangements, guitar by Sever.

4. TOUCH OF DEATH /2006/
10. prologue
11. crimson lines (about the universal world)
12. where mighty winds sing their songs
13. epilogue
Recorded> 2006. Engeenired by Smirnov Vlad.
Ivanov Artem
Ivanov Roman
Smirnov Vlad


(c) 2006 ASSAVLT REX