OLD WAINDS “Scaldig Coldness”

DATE: 08.05.07.
DIGIPAK: 500 copies
LENGTH: 40:29


002bvllet – OLD WAINDS “Scalding Coldness” DIGI
If it’s possible to collect the best from the early MAYHEM, BURZUM, ENSLAVED, DARKTHRONE, BATHORY and to add a bit from the old school of Death/Thrash, we will get the most unimaginable and one-meaning album! The reedition of the gorgeous album of OLD WAINDS – charge of thunder before a new storm. The limited digipack issue with special artwork. Unholy Nordic Metal.
500 copies were printed, but part of the edition was destroyed because factory’s defects. I think that about 350-400 copies have circulation.


01. Scalding Coldness
02. Freezing Winter Breath
03. …In the Glance of the Dead
04. In the Forgotten Darkened Spheres
05. Through Icy Wilderness of the Forest
06. Wolves in White
07. Passing the Burials of Dead Stars
08. North from the South

Recorded at ICE TONE, Grom Studio and The END Studio during the 2004.
Mixed and engineered at GROM Studio, Murmansk, Russland, July 2004
Produced by OLD WAINDS
Music and lyrics by OLD WAINDS


(c) 2007 ASSAVLT REX