MOR “Soil and Blood”

DATE: 08.05.07.
JEWEL: 500 copies
LENGTH: 46:15


003bvllet – MOR “Soil and Blood” CD
Album recounting of the Triumph of the WW2 on the Kola North. Complicated structures, the speed, melodies, destructive effects and other stuff create gamut of thoughts about the WW2 battles in the Kola North. The album is about the people and events. The war of the totalitarian systems. The death as an inference/verdict.
MOR doesn’t lock in one style, and exists somewhere between progressive the treatments of heavy- and black – metal.” (121/TWILIGHT SHADOWS).


1. Alien Faith
2. January of the Disgraced Funeral Feast
3. Valley of Death
4. An Iron Star
5. Lesomorie. Part 1
6. Valley Of Glory
7. A White Cold
8. March of a Mournful Tempest
9. A Minute
10. Skalistie Gory (local wartime song)*

Music and words by MOR
* words: Nikolaj Bukin; music: Evgeny Zharkovskij; voice: Konstantin Stepanov
Recorded at 141 Studio, Murmansk, 2006
Engineered by Vlad Smirnov

Artyom Ivanov
Roman Ivanov
Vlad Smirnov

(c) 2007 ASSAVLT REX