DEAKON “Corrupt My Soul by Means of the Senses”

DEAKON Tape006teethDATE: 14.04.09.
TAPE: 66 copies
LENGTH: 19:44


006teeth – DEAKON “Corrupt My Soul by Means of the Senses” MC
The second demo of the band where they deepen their patterns and reveal strange tendencies on musical and spiritual fronts. Again the seance lasts for 20 minutes and blows your mind if you haven’t lost your senses after listening to the first demo. It’s stranger, heavier, darker and more raw and complicated. Excellent! To compare the mood, only the greatest album of DARKTHRONE – Goatlord comes to mind.


I. Desoul!
II. On the Nature of Things
III. Klokk of Time

Deakon Anton – guitar and vocals
Shmel – bass
Zmey S.T. – drums and additional vocals

Recorded by Savva Terentyev at House on Hill.
Syktyvkar, August 2008.

Cover by Yuri Betekhtin.
Cover by E. Vagner.