PENTSIGN “Cacophonous March of the Darkness”

DATE: 17.12.08.
JEWEL: 500 copies
LENGTH: 49:20


007bvllet – PENTSIGN “Cacophonous March of the Darkness” CD
A debut album of the band! Sinister, brutal and unpredictable Black/Death that has absorbed only best and right traditions! High quality sound and dynamics of Death Metal! Speed, manners and fury of Black Metal. Atrocious, cruel and biting cacophony for HIS glory! The old EVIL marches!
By mutual agreement this release has been removed from sale. Around 2/3 parts of this release in circulation.


I. Unsubdued Belief
II. Where Night…
III. Insanity
IV. Sisters of His
V. Cacophonous March of the Darkness
VI. Beyond
VII. 180
VIII. Shadow of the Bygone Times
IX. Cacophonous March of the Darkness (part 2)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexander Chezhin ‘07

Zleh – vocals
Rom – guitars
Ratets – bass
Naitsirhc – guitars
Adol – drums

(c) 2008 ASSAVLT REX