SICK ROOM 7 “Bottomfeeder Central”

DATE: 15.01.09.
JEWEL: 500 copies
LENGTH: 41:33


012bvllet – SICK ROOM 7 “Bottomfeeder Central” CD
Strange, slow and morbid music, mysteriously comprising ambient and metal features. Definitely, SICK ROOM 7 do not carry any light or positive motifs both musically and lyrically. Danes have a peculiar way of thinking and in spite of simplicity of melodies and set of instruments it’s just impossible to guess or conjecture how one or another composition will develop or what form will take. Themselves they call their style Ambient Doom/Down-tempo. I absolutely agree with this statement but will add about the lion’s share of daring but adequate experimenting.
Sick and obscure are the only words that spring to mind to characterize the style of SICK ROOM 7. No healing!


1. Annie the Unfortunate
2. Four Walls and Heavy Air
3. Bottomfeeder Central
4. Your World Imploding
5. Heartless Rule
6. Arms Strapped to Wheels
7. From His Shackles
8. Tired Stabs
9. They Are Swine
10. 7 Knots on the String of Life
11. All and Nothing Days

Recorded and mixed by SICK ROOM 7, mastered by Jeppe Hasseriis.
Music by SICK ROOM 7, lyrics by J.N.
except “Your World Imploding” lyrics by jonas Toft & J.N.
and “From His Shackles” by Dan Ponce.
J.N. – guitars, keyboards and vocals
C.N. – bass and programming

(c) 2009 ASSAVLT REX