DEAKON “demo[ns]”

DATE: 24.04.10.
DIGIPAK: 333 copies
LENGTH: 39:30


015bvllet – DEAKON “demo[ns]” DIGI
At first, two demos were released on tapes, and a year later we decided to make a limited edition of CD version, so here are the first two demos on one disc.
I. “The Portrait” – 4 tracks of ragged, raw and brutal Black/Death Metal in the best traditions of the 90-ies’underground. Submitted to the idea of pressing listeners with powerful and original sound, unpredictable twists, brilliant mastery and some peculiarities of mixing. The primal atmosphere of grim and occult Black Metal.
II. “Corrupt my Soul by Means of the Senses” – 3 tracks of this masterpiece of ancient Death Metal. Stranger, heavier, darker and more raw and sophisticated. Mastery, uncommon approach and prodigious atmosphere sometimes going out of control. But this is a misleading impression. A Death/Black Metal Masterpiece!!


I. The Portrait
II. Frozen Hell
III. Red
IV. Crowned by Night
V. Desoul!
VI. On the Nature of Things
VII. Klokk of Time

I-IV – Syktyvkar, January 2007.
V-VII -Recorded by Savva Terentyev at House on Hill. Syktyvkar, August 2008.

Deakon Anton – guitar and vocals
Shmel – bass
Zmey S.T. – drums and additional vocals

(c) 2010 ASSAVLT REX