KARNA “Circle of Nav”

DATE: 02.08.11.
JEWEL: 500 copies
LENGTH: 1:01:19


017bvllet – KARNA “Circle of Nav” CD
Subjective: one of the best albums of this project, created by KARNA ever. The first and absolutely otherworldly, lost and lifeless piece of the TRIPTYCH. The labyrinth without exit … a life without meaning, moving shadows, embodied in a cruel, cold and dark Industrial/Harsh/Ambient monument. Shuffles razors, destroys the sounds and summoning otherworldly voices. Cemetery of hopes.


01. Empty Shadows
02. Kosmozis
03. Tei Zar Mor Thneih
04. Navi Labyrinth
05. Flat Fields of the Outworld
06. Sun Sword Out
07. Crypt of Our Eyes

Kruxx – voice/instruments/programming/noises

(c) 2011 ASSAVLT REX