GOATPSALM “Sonic Desterilization of Light”

DATE: 27.03.12.
DIGIPAK: 500 copies
LENGTH: 53:41


018bvllet – GOATPSALM “Sonic Desterilization of Light” DIGI
Immersion in HELL. Slow and measured soundtrack for meditation on impermanence of existence and correctness of the chosen path. Iron clang and rattle, generously flavored with ambiences and nervous guitars, squeezes your psyche. A fascinating walk through the halls without light and life. Horror Death Industrial. First ritual. No turning back. For fans of ABRUPTUM and BEHERIT’s electronic trips.


1. Sickness
2. Abscedentia
3. The Procession
4. Hac via
5. Akelarrenlezeah
6. Nekromantical Rites of the Goat
7. Antilife Principle Omega
8. Sempiternal Fimeral Fields

Mediums of Goat:
Morkh, Horth, Sadist – Channelling and the presence
Morkh, d. – Invocations of the Goat
V.T. – Orrational Icy Touch
Musta Aurinko – Flame to extinguish the Light
Cold Graves – Book of Damnation
Morkh, Horth, d., Surzheon – Encoding into the Daemonic

(c) 2012 ASSAVLT REX