ULVDALIR/LINDISFARNE “Metal Wolves of Death”

DATE: 18.02.11.
JEWEL: 500 copies
LENGTH: 44:54


019bvllet – ULVDALIR/LINDISFARNE “Metal Wolves of Death” CD
ULVDALIR and LINDISFANE presents their joint kick. At the CD 8 new militants (4 on each side), recorded specifically for “Metal Wolves of Death” and separated by the ninth song, written by LAMIA VOX.
ULVDALIR increasingly delve into the legacy of Norwegians DARKTHRONE and the study of the oldschool territories, but it is still far from blind imitation. LINDISFARNE also traditionally give rapid and ominous European Black Metal.
Mighty quality and fanatical commitment to their ideas and ideals put this split-album in a series of decent cooperation northerners and southerners. And this temperament is felt everywhere here. Cold ULVDALIR and hellish heat LINDISFARNE.


I. Wings of Hell
II. In My Dead and Empty Eyes
III. Legalize Murder
IV. An Art to be Above All

V. Interlude: Whispers of the Scroched Earth

VI. To Desecrate the Name of god
VII. Abyss of Satanic Blasphemy
VIII. Ad Nauseam
IX. Highest Power

Recorded  2009.

(c) 2011 ASSAVLT REX