HARVEST: Bloody Harvest

Harvest_digibook020_1DATE: 11.12.14.
A5 DIGIBOOK: 111 copies
LENGTH: 1:20:55


020bvllet – HARVEST: Bloody Harvest 2CD A5 DIGIBOOK
Cooperation from five bands of the label, as a result – a split album lasting more than hour. HBH includes five EPs, which have never been published.
The exception is NEBELWERFER, which on its part provided overwritten songs from the first two albums. They are in the old uncompromising speed and manner as before, but the sound is more iron and sharp.
KLANDESTYN presented the newest 16-minute track, which is probably one of the most interesting in the whole album. Band shows progress in terms of composing, but remains committed to strict, violent and crude approach to style.
ULVDALIR needs no introduction. There are two hooks topics in sacrifice to the oldschool Gods of black metal! And of course, Satan, Satan, Satan! 666!
RUIN traditionally wanders in his rawest swamp style with sarcastic feed. Evil grin seeping through the ragged riffs in each song. Nothing complicated, just old and clank raw Black/Thrash.
MOR shows his heaviest songs that have ever been in the arsenal of the band. Icy and powerful intro, written by Lamia Vox specifically for band should not mislead you. Ice and Flame!

KLANDESTYN, as you can see, wrote the title track, that gives name of the album. They first, who gave material, but later, track has minor changes.
E.P. from NEBELWERFER has name “The Nails of Old“. It consists three rewrite tracks from debut album “The Spirit of Violation” (previously issued by ASSAVLT) and another track “The Last Lie“, taken from demo 2007 “In the Shining of Omega“.
E.P. from ULVDALIR called “Ritual of Death” and the latest written with brothers (now PYRE) in line-up. Originally were two clean tracks until Sadist (SS-18, etc., etc.) make intro and a bunch for these songs.
E.P. from RUIN called “Blackhive” and recorded completely live!
Material from MOR has name “Nordlicht E.P.” and originally recorded in 2012. In 2013 LAMIA VOX wrote 2 versions of intro. In 2014 E.P. has been finalized, remixed and re-mastered, as result sound has a bit “brutal” shade, that originally band wanted.



1: KLANDESTYN – Night ov Bloody Harvest
2: NEBELWERFER – Outsider’s Call
3: NEBELWERFER – The Grand Torture
4: NEBELWERFER – The Last Lie
6: ULVDALIR – World Without End
7: ULVDALIR – 666

1: RUIN – Trapped
2: RUIN – Bonethroat
3: RUIN – Fence
4: RUIN – Spiny Hug
5: RUIN – Tatters
6: MOR – Halls of Oblivion
7: MOR – Flame of My Soul… Eis
8: MOR – An Iron Avantgarde

All songs recorded specially for this split album.
Mastering: Vlad Smirnov
Artworx by Czarnawa.

(c) 2014 ASSAVLT REX