NEBELWERFER “The Aeon of Filth”

DATE: 27.03.12.
DIGIPAK: 333 copies
LENGTH: 41:13


021bvllet – NEBELWERFER “The Aeon of Filth” DIGI
The second album from Siberians. The band is still at their trumps, in other words, it’s the same SPEED EVIL and there NEBELWERFER does not give any rest to themselves or to listeners. Speed Black Metal alternates shooting with tons of interesting moves, fills and transitions. Things became more prolonged and varied. NEBEL’s arsenal significantly increased due to growed technical skill and everyday experience in the studio. Can be arbitrarily long time to chew epithets, but it’s better than a thousand words. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE!


2. The Last Breath of This Day
3. Rape
4. Never Stop the Madness!
5. Death Victory
6. The Great Planet Killer
7. The Aura of Misery
8. As This Beautiful Cancer Grows
9. Goatcraft Torment (URGEHAL Cover)

Red – vocals
Worst – guitar
Hate – bass

Recorded during the cold spring of the year ‘11 a.b.
Mixed and mastered by Evgeniy Chekulaev.

All music by Nebelwerfer.
All lyrics by Worst.

(c) 2012 ASSAVLT REX