PYRE “Ravenous Decease”

DATE: 28.06.12.
VINYL COVER: 200 copies
LENGTH: 21:39


024bvllet – PYRE “Ravenous Decease” MCD
RAW UNHOLY DEATH METAL for fans of intense and correct European school Death Metal of the end of 80?s/the begginig of 90’s. PYRE from that era, when Thrash Metal overripe and covered with sores of the new evolution. It is difficult to get correct influences, but I would listed CARNAGE, PESTILENCE, ENTOMBED among others. In music prevail average tempo, fueled with speed appendix and melodies. Highly technical, but that is most importantl – on the extreme right sound!


1. Goddess of Disaster
2. Devastactic
3. Insanity
4. Dark Sorcery
5. Nocturnal Hell (SLAUGHTER Cover)

Dym Nox – vocal/bass
Roman Rotten – guitars
Fred Obsinner – guitars
Kannib Maledik – drums

Recorded at Sic_Sound studio in November 2011.
Engineered and mixed by Kostek Dolganov and PYRE.

Music by Roman Rotten and PYRE.
Lyrics by Roman Rotten.

(c) 2012 ASSAVLT REX