GROND “Howling from the Deep”

DATE: 11.07.13.
DIGIPAK: 333 copies
LENGTH: 39:06


025bvllet – GROND “Howling from the Deep” DIGI
Do not think that I can say a lot of words about the music played by this band from Moscow Region. This is a classic in every way old school Death Metal. In this it would be possible to finish this review, but I add a couple of optional phrases about the great recording quality, high-intensity enegry of release and, of course, you must pay attention to the underwater/beyond-the-grave themes of some songs. In the name of Cthulhu!


1. Astrophobos
2. Innsmouth
3. Howling from the Deep
4. Azagthoth
5. Sea Tanks
6. Infected Gods
7. Half-life Decay
8. Stinking Suicide
9. Homo Ferus
10. Outro
11. By the Light (OBITUARY cover)

Kist – Drums, Vocals
Dust – Guitar
Artemius – Bass

Recorded at the Cosmos studio, Moscow, Russia in summer-autumn 2011.
Engineered, mixed and mastered at Navahohut studio by Arkadiy Navaho.
Produced by by Arkadiy Navaho and GROND.

Music by Dust and GROND.
Lyrics on 1,2,4,7,8,9 by Kist
Lyrics on 3,5,6 by Kist & Polina Berezko

(c) 2013 ASSAVLT REX