FORGOT “In the Image of Man”

DATE: 05.03.14.

DIGIBOOK: 300 copies
LENGTH: 26:21


026bvllet – FORGOT “In the Image of Man” DIGIBOOK
The long-awaited –  the first in 10 years (!!) – FORGOT ready to fall on your heads as a short and intense opus “In The Image Of Man“. FORGOT in the best traditions of itself with marks of time and with accumulated anger during the decade. Five speed Black Metal damnations, hate-filled and riddled with branded icy melody. And another three themes complement this work with cold and despair. No, not darkness and not aloofness, namely, despair and emptiness beyond the threshold. You remain just meat, destined to rot (c)
For fans of early FORGOT, as well as connoisseurs of the mighty days of early EMPEROR and DISSECTION!!


1. Intro
2. From Inside
3. I Hate!
4. May I Kill Myself?!
5. Purification
6. There’s No You There…
7. After the Humans
8. Phagocyte
9. A Star In Forehead

Wizard – Guitars, Vocals, Keys
Gorthaur – Bass *
* except “May I Kill Myself” by Wizard
TanteR – Drums

Recorded at Komsomolsk on Amur,
Russia 2010-2012
Music and lyrics by Wizard
Mixed and mastered by Wizard

Artworx by Njard.

(c) 2014 ASSAVLT REX