Today we’re present two releases at once of maybe the most unpredictable and very interesting band on our label. It name is DEAKON.
Miel CD. Limited edition release in the amount of copies that we can distribute. This release is so good, that we wouldn’t keep it in the roster of available CD ’till forever, but also this release is very bad because probably very few people will really understand “Miel” on advantage. We rated this release and not recommended it spend your time if you doubt. So, 365 days in the catalog. The clock is ticking.
Call this whatever you like. This avant-garde, rehearsal, improvisation, experiment… Choose one word or summarize it all together, you will be right. This is a long (50:14 minutes) obscure story in minimalistic style, includes permanent mummified repeats that slowly lead to an end at the only place there for a few seconds you will hear something like a voice. This is a silent presentation, but the tools are laid out the concept of the Assyrian Myth. Minimalistic avant-garde death/black/rock recorded live on analog tape. We do not recommend it to ANYONE. See the PIX.
promo @ YouTube
Du Bist Mir Alles MCD. Band finishes their demo era by the releasing third and final 3rd opus on physical CD. Everything here is much more “adequate” as opposed to Miel, but also wonder if the cast eyes on the first two tapes. DBMA presents three songs (in three different languages!), which include a loud as hell mix of Death, Black, Stoner/Doom Metal! I do not know that I can give as an analogy… Maybe it like the spirit of the “late” DARKTHRONE. Recommended to ALL, but the owners may be only 66.
MCD issued as edition of 66 copies. Paper Sleeve Mini Vinyl cover. See the PIX. Sample HERE.

And also… Band posted two new tracks (called as online demo) on band’s official website. You can download it HERE. And we are all waiting for the newest DEAKON album!!