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Long way was preceded this long-awaited release. We announce that this release is available today . All details of “In the Image of Man” matching a high status of this oldest far east division band. FORGOT sounds confidently, live drums added the necessary power, and keyboards (which were of one of the dominants) received a slightly smaller role on this album. Balance to speed and melancholy verified and accurate. As always, the lyrics are in sufficiently uncompromising personal key. Njard created uncompromising artworks for each song .
We’ve added to BANDCAMP and BOMBARDMENT another track for preview – “Phagocyte”.
“In the Image of Man” CD released as digibook with 20 page booklet and limited to 300 copies. Photos are HERE.



At the end of last year was released vinyl version of the split between the MOR and LIHOLESIE, which had previously (in 2009) published by us on a CD/DIGI. We have available a number of copies of this vinyl version for individual orders. For trades and other transactions go directly to MYRKR.

We are adding an electronic A4 book for this edition. You can download it HERE or on the RELEASE PAGE.