FORGOTPhagocyte [In The Image Of Man CD ’13]
May I Kill Myself [In The Image Of Man CD ’13]
FORGOTPurification [In The Image Of Man CD ’13]
Half-life Decay [Howling from the Deep CD ’13]
Estetika Satana Kriminale [Du Bist Mir Alles DEMO III ’09]
DEAKONSample [Corrupt my Soul by Means of the Senses DEMO II ‘08]
DEAKONSample [The Portrait DEMO I ‘07]
MOTHER OF WORMSSilvia (Saint Of Hell) [DIGITAL E.P. ’12]
MOTHER OF WORMSLast Bloody Fuck [The Dirty Arts CD ‘09]
MOTHER OF WORMSCold Flesh Romance [The Dirty Arts CD ‘09]
PYREGoddess of Disaster [Ravenous Decease MCD ‘12]
NEBELWERFERInto Flesh [The Spirit of Violation CD ‘09]
NEBELWERFERThe Blassed Doctrine [The Spirit of Violation CD ‘09]
NEBELWERFER – NSTM! [The Aeon of Filth CD ‘11]
KARNANavi Labyrinth [Circle of Nav CD ‘10]
KARNASun Sword Out [Circle of Nav CD ‘10]
GOATPSALMSickness [Sonic Desterilization of Light CD ‘10]
GOATPSALMSempiternal Funeral Fields (edit) [Sonic Desterilization of Light CD ‘10]
PURIFICATION KOMMANDOAtack of the Goat Legion [Nuklear Ritual CD ‘11]
PURIFICATION KOMMANDONuklear Ritual [Nuklear Ritual CD ‘11]
ULVDALIRIn My Dead and Empty Eyes [Metal Wolves of Death SPLIT CD ‘11]
LINDISFARNETo Desecrate the Name of god [Metal Wolves of Death SPLIT CD ‘11]
SEGES FINDEREWarmongers Kommando [Warmongers of the Doomsday Cult SPLIT CD ‘10]
DOOMSDAY CULTThe 3rd Flood of Human Blood  [Warmongers of the Doomsday Cult SPLIT CD ‘10]
RUINUnpure Conscience [Stumps CD ‘10]
KLANDESTYNBlack Mantra [Black Mantra PROMO ‘06]
KLANDESTYNSS-18 (Doom) [Wounds Bleeding Black CD ‘09]
SICK ROOM 7From His Shackles [Bottomfeeder Central CD ‘09]
SOLI DIABOLI GLORIAObscvrvm In Aeternvm [Soli Diaboli Gloria CD ‘09]
METI BHUVAHOpen Your Eyes [Meti Bhuvah CD ‘08]
METI BHUVAHPurification [Meti Bhuvah CD ‘08]
METI BHUVAHDesire (sample) [II CD ‘08]
METI BHUVAHIt’s All the Same (sample) [II CD ‘08]
LIHOLESIERavens [Boundless Thirst for the Outside CD ‘08]
LIHOLESIE/MOR/STIELAS STORHETTSample [Death Comes from the North SPLIT CD ’08]
MORBlood! [Blood E.P. MCD ‘11]
MORSeason of Rains [The 1st HARVEST Compilation CD ‘09]
MORJanuary of the Disgraced Funeral Feast [Soil and Blood CD ‘06]
MOR Valley Of Glory [Soil and Blood CD ‘06]
MORJanuary (Instrumental) [Touch of Death CD ‘06]
DEATHTRAPNova [The 1st HARVEST Compilation CD ‘09]
SECTNovus Ordo Seclorum [The 1st HARVEST Compilation CD ‘09]
SECTConfession [Doomsday CD ‘11]
POGOSTSilentium [… from the Eternal Chaos CD ‘08]
POGOST I’m Dying [… from the Eternal Chaos CD ‘08]