026bvllet FORGOT – In the Image of Man – DIGIBOOK   [available]
025bvllet GROND – Howling from the Deep – DIGI   [available]
024bvllet PYRE – Ravenous Decease – MCD   [sold out]
023bvllet DEAKON – Du Bist Mir Alles – MCD   [sold out]
022bvllet DEAKON – Miel – CD   [available]
021bvllet NEBELWERFER – The Aeon of Filth – DIGI   [available]
020bvllet HARVEST: Bloody Harvest – 5X E.P. SPLIT A5 DIGIBOOK 2CD   [available]
019bvllet ULVDALIR/LINDISFARNE – Metal Wolves of Death – SPLIT CD   [available]
018bvllet GOATPSALM – Sonic Desterilization of Light – DIGI   [available]
017bvllet KARNA – Circle of Nav – CD   [available]
016bvllet MOTHER OF WORMS – The Dirty Arts – CD   [available]
015bvllet DEAKON – demo[ns] – DIGI   [available]
013bvllet KLANDESTYN – Wounds Bleeding Black – DIGI   [available]
012bvllet SICK ROOM 7 – Bottomfeeder Central – CD   [available]
011bvllet MOR – Blood E.P. – MCD   [available]
010bvllet The 1st HARVEST – Compilation CD  [sold out]
009bvllet NAV – From Nav to Jav – DIGI   [not available]
008bvllet LIHOLESIE – Boundless Thirst for the Outside – CD   [sold out]
007bvllet PENTSIGN – Cacophonous March of the Darkness – CD   [not available]
006bvllet SECT – WWIII – CD   [sold out]
005bvllet DEATH COMES FROM THE NORTH – SPLIT CD/DIGI   [digi available]
004bvllet NAV – Halls of Death – CD   [sold out]
003bvllet MOR – Soil and Blood – CD   [sold out]
002bvllet OLD WAINDS – Scalding Coldness – DIGI   [not available]
001bvllet MOR – Lesomorie/Touch of Death – CD/DIGI   [sold out]

011teeth PURIFICATION KOMMANDO – Nuklear Ritual – CD   [available]
009teeth DOOMSDAY CULT/SIEGES FINDERE – Warmongers of the Doomsday Cult – SPLIT CD   [available]
008teeth RUIN – Stumps – CD   [available]
007teeth NEBELWERFER – The Spirit of Violation – CD   [available]
006teeth DEAKON – Corrupt my Soul by Means of the Senses Demo II – MC   [sold out]
005teeth DEAKON – The Portrait Demo I – MC   [sold out]
004teeth METI BHUVAH – II – CD   [sold out]
003teeth SOLI DIABOLI GLORIA – Soli Diaboli Gloria – CD   [available]
002teeth METI BHUVAH – Meti Bhuvah – CD   [sold out]
001teeth POGOST – …from the Eternal Chaos – CD   [sold out]