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Mini CD-version of “Ravenous Decease” by PYRE (RUS). In the spring of 2012 this material was released on 12″ vinyl by Swedish label BLOOD HARVEST Rec. Specially for this CD-version was recorded an additional track: cover version of “Nocturnal Hell” that composed by legendary Canadian SLAUGHTER. RAW UNHOLY DEATH METAL for fans of intense and correct European school Death Metal of the end of 80’s/the begginig of 90’s. PYRE from that era, when Thrash Metal overripe and covered with sores of the new evolution. It is difficult to get correct influences, but I would listed CARNAGE, PESTILENCE, ENTOMBED among others. In music prevail average tempo, fueled with speed appendix and melodies. Highly technical, but that is most importantl – on the extreme right sound! No more words, it is better to hear and rate by yourself. Sample HERE.
MCD issued an edition of 200 copies. Paper Sleeve Mini Vinyl cover. See the PIX.

You can view some live videos of PYRE on our YouTube. This year band have plans to release a split with Dutch band ENTRAPMENT and record full-length album.


We introduce a new MCD from MOR, which is dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the band. Inside MCD “Blood E.P.” you can find 3 new songs + cover of DARKTHRONE‘s “Quintessence“. As a result, it was about 30 minutes of playing time. As always, it is very difficult to describe the style of the band, as for many years, the group mix together the mass of root styles, depending on the requirements of a particular song, trying to create their own ice and flame in each of tracks. The cruel war of fast fragments and cold northern melodies. This is not Kola Bay Death Metal yet, but strong Metal of Death. MOR ist MOR!

The German label DARKER THAN BLACK issued 7″ EP MORTod dem Feind“.