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17.08.15. Today we uploaded to BANDCAMP songs from “Touch of Death” ’14. We also added an electronic A4 book for this edition. You can download it HERE or on the RELEASE PAGE..

1. In 1996 MOR published his debut “Lesomorie” by themselves on tapes. Then in the 1997 tape was released by GOTHIC HORDE.
2. After 10 years in 2006 ASSAVLT released CD version of “Lesomorie” (100 – digi/200 – jewel), adding to the classical demo some other records.
3. At the end of 2014 year MYRKR released LP version and t-shirts.
4. We have many questions about will there be a CD version again?! Today is the day when we decided to return to this material for the LAST TIME. The circle is closed. We present to you the latest edition of this stuff. Content is different from the previous version only the fact that it has no covers from LIHOLESIE. Demo “Lesomorie” + “Lines” + “January” + “Touch of Death” ’14.
Digibook (+ slipcase), 12 pages booklet, b/w printing. All this is the most designed in the original cassette style with old photos and original manuscripts of texts. 88 COPIES!
Pre-orders start today and will be accepted until 23.03.2015.
write to: assavlt@mail.ru

LME_A5DB copy


UPDATE. We posted all songs from compilation to BANDCAMP and added pictures in all appropriate sections of the site and BC. Today [01.12] we begin to send your orders.
And we’re add some details of the album. So…
KLANDESTYN, as you can see, wrote the title track, that gives name of the album. They first, who gave material, but later, track has minor changes.
E.P. from NEBELWERFER has name “The Nails of Old“. It consists three rewrite tracks from debut album “The Spirit of Violation” (previously issued by ASSAVLT) and another track “The Last Lie“, taken from demo 2007 “In the Shining of Omega“.
E.P. from ULVDALIR called “Ritual of Death” and the latest written with brothers (now PYRE) in line-up. Originally were two clean tracks until Sadist (SS-18, etc., etc.) make intro and a bunch for these songs.
E.P. from RUIN called “Blackhive” and recorded completely live!
Material from MOR has name “Nordlicht E.P.” and originally recorded in 2012. In 2013 LAMIA VOX wrote 2 versions of intro. In 2014 E.P. has been finalized, remixed and re-mastered, as result sound has a bit “brutal” shade, that originally band wanted.

The last time to the 10th number we have prepared a special compilation of bands of the label, and now, at number 20, we decided to be not just a compilation – a real split-album consisting of 5xEP’s from KLANDESTYN, NEBELWERFER, ULVDALIR, RUIN and MOR. As a result, we have (1 hour 21 minutes) 2CD album perfectly decorated A5 digibook (12 pages booklet). Limited to 111.
writeto: assavlt@mail.ru


Good news from MYRKR. Vinyl pressed at factory and sent to the label. The exact date unavailable, but soon debut demo MOR – Lesomorie – will be available on vinyl! The classic design of the cassette and vinyl mastering from 121. Limitation to 250 copies (black and white splatter – 150, white – 100). T-shirts are already printed and waiting in the wings.
Pre-orders, trades, details:


P.S. At the beginning of next year, we will print a very small amount of Lesomorie on CD. To the 20th anniversary of the band, we will try to do something special!! Now is the time to do it again, maybe for the last time.


At the end of last year was released vinyl version of the split between the MOR and LIHOLESIE, which had previously (in 2009) published by us on a CD/DIGI. We have available a number of copies of this vinyl version for individual orders. For trades and other transactions go directly to MYRKR.

We are adding an electronic A4 book for this edition. You can download it HERE or on the RELEASE PAGE.


Mini CD-version of “Ravenous Decease” by PYRE (RUS). In the spring of 2012 this material was released on 12″ vinyl by Swedish label BLOOD HARVEST Rec. Specially for this CD-version was recorded an additional track: cover version of “Nocturnal Hell” that composed by legendary Canadian SLAUGHTER. RAW UNHOLY DEATH METAL for fans of intense and correct European school Death Metal of the end of 80’s/the begginig of 90’s. PYRE from that era, when Thrash Metal overripe and covered with sores of the new evolution. It is difficult to get correct influences, but I would listed CARNAGE, PESTILENCE, ENTOMBED among others. In music prevail average tempo, fueled with speed appendix and melodies. Highly technical, but that is most importantl – on the extreme right sound! No more words, it is better to hear and rate by yourself. Sample HERE.
MCD issued an edition of 200 copies. Paper Sleeve Mini Vinyl cover. See the PIX.

You can view some live videos of PYRE on our YouTube. This year band have plans to release a split with Dutch band ENTRAPMENT and record full-length album.

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