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Traditionally, we are not pleased to introduce three new releases. Very diverse things combined just in the fact that each of them with malevolence shakes the earth’s axis. Nothing good.

MOTHER OF WORMS. The Dirty Arts [016bvllet] 10 night anthems of city’s madness, soaked in ancient darkness in the style of Morbid Metal with addition of dark ambient. Sinister and twisted mess of Black/Death and ambience sketches. Samples could not be better tell you to be at opposite poles of MOM’s music. From “Last Bloody Fuck” to “Cold Flesh Romance” whole abyss. CD booklet (20 pages) is full of filthy lyrics and pictures. Sex! Blut! Finsternis! SAMPLES and PIX.

GOATPSALM. Sonic Desterilization Of Light [018bvllet] The project has a rather distant and vague attitude to the realities of Black Metal (except that it have guitar availability). Death Industrial with no glare and shades. Arrant BLACKNESS! Long noises and sepulchral voices sink you into a chaotic, unstructured, slow and hellish audio broadcast. In the project involved next participants: ex-IZAKARON, ex-KARNA and BAAL ZEBUTH. For lovers of ABRUPTUM and electronic opuses of BEHERIT. SAMPLES and PIX.
Along with “Sonic Desterilization Of Light” an oldest English label AESTHETIC DEATH released GOATPSALM‘s second full-lengh album – “Erset La Tari” CD. Our recommendations!

NEBELWERFER. The Aeon of Filth [021bvllet] Rush album from Siberian progeny of high-speed madness. Despite the longer tracks and increased skills, NEBELWERFER not lost debut album’s anger and intensity. Second full-length album contains 9 teeth crushing and brain twisting songs + cover version of URGEHAL – “Goatcraft Torment“. Difference with NEBELWERFER‘s debut releaseis is very huge, but the band remains in the same furious musical field as before. For fans of MARDUK, INFERNAL WAR, ANTAEUS, etc.