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Long way was preceded this long-awaited release. We announce that this release is available today . All details of “In the Image of Man” matching a high status of this oldest far east division band. FORGOT sounds confidently, live drums added the necessary power, and keyboards (which were of one of the dominants) received a slightly smaller role on this album. Balance to speed and melancholy verified and accurate. As always, the lyrics are in sufficiently uncompromising personal key. Njard created uncompromising artworks for each song .
We’ve added to BANDCAMP and BOMBARDMENT another track for preview – “Phagocyte”.
“In the Image of Man” CD released as digibook with 20 page booklet and limited to 300 copies. Photos are HERE.



The long-awaited –  the first in 10 years (!!) – FORGOT ready to fall on your heads as a short and intense opus “In The Image Of Man“. FORGOT in the best traditions of itself with marks of time and with accumulated anger during the decade. Five speed Black Metal damnations, hate-filled and riddled with branded icy melody. And another three themes complement this work with cold and despair. No, not darkness and not aloofness, namely, despair and emptiness beyond the threshold. You remain just meat, destined to rot! (c)
A pair of previews from the upcoming FORGOT album is HERE! You can listen to them on BANDCAMP, if you prefer. For fans of early FORGOT, as well as connoisseurs of the mighty days of EMPEROR and DISSECTION!!
Album will go into production as soon as will be ready artwork (by Njard). Sketches that I’ve seen just fucking GREAT! However, as always.

PYRE marked by two new tracks on the 12″ MLP (45rpm) split with the Dutch ENTRAPMENT. Vinyl was issued by SOULSELLER Rec. in May of this year. Both songs you can hear on BANDCAMP.

Besides this fact, we are pleased to congratulate GROND with release of the long-awaited first full-length album, and we want to bring to your notice, that debut MCD “Steel Coffins” (with revised artwork) is available in some quantity. As well as the two types of T-shirts.
Left to right: MCD “Steel Coffins” > Dead Diver T-shirt (S,M,L,XL,XXL, S,M Girly) > Skull-Crab T-Shirt (S,M,L,XL).
Contact: kist666@mail.ru
P.S. So, after one year of “silence”, we are ready to move again!! Took this opportunity we made restructuring of all subsidiary Internet’s tools. Everything old is burning in hell! 314!