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17.08.15. Today we uploaded to BANDCAMP songs from “Touch of Death” ’14. We also added an electronic A4 book for this edition. You can download it HERE or on the RELEASE PAGE..

1. In 1996 MOR published his debut “Lesomorie” by themselves on tapes. Then in the 1997 tape was released by GOTHIC HORDE.
2. After 10 years in 2006 ASSAVLT released CD version of “Lesomorie” (100 – digi/200 – jewel), adding to the classical demo some other records.
3. At the end of 2014 year MYRKR released LP version and t-shirts.
4. We have many questions about will there be a CD version again?! Today is the day when we decided to return to this material for the LAST TIME. The circle is closed. We present to you the latest edition of this stuff. Content is different from the previous version only the fact that it has no covers from LIHOLESIE. Demo “Lesomorie” + “Lines” + “January” + “Touch of Death” ’14.
Digibook (+ slipcase), 12 pages booklet, b/w printing. All this is the most designed in the original cassette style with old photos and original manuscripts of texts. 88 COPIES!
Pre-orders start today and will be accepted until 23.03.2015.
write to: assavlt@mail.ru

LME_A5DB copy